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Dec. 25th, 2014

Merry Christmas!
Here I went to mass with Samantha, happy as a man could be, ate Christ and held him to his word, if you eat me you’ll have life in you, so I had life in me. After mass we’d walk home to Paradise through the violet evening, the evening star hard by the red light of the TV tower like a ruby and diamond in the plush velvet sky, and I’d skip with happiness, cut the fool like David while Samantha told elephant jokes.

Dr. Tom Moore
Love in the Ruins, by Walker Percy.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

For Veteran's Day

Or Armistice Day, if you prefer.


It is poor business measuring the mouldered ramparts and counting the silent guns, marking the deserted battlefields and decorating the grassy graves, unless we can learn from it some nobler lesson than to destroy. Men write of this, as of other wars, as if the only thing necessary to be impressed upon the rising generation were the virtue of physical courage and contempt of death. It seems to me that is the last thing we need to teach; for since the days of John Smith in Virginia and the men of the Mayflower in Massachusetts, no generation of Americans has shown any lack of it. From Louisburg to Petersburg-a hundred and twenty years, the full span of four generations-they have stood to their guns and been shot down in greater comparative numbers than any other race on earth. In the war of secession there was not a State, not a county, probably not a town, between the great lakes and the gulf, that was not represented on fields where all that men could do with powder and steel was done and valor exhibited at its highest pitch…There is not the slightest necessity for lauding American bravery or impressing it upon American youth. But there is the gravest necessity for teaching them respect for law, and reverence for human life, and regard for the rights of their fellow country-men, and all that is significant in the history of our country…These are simple lessons, yet they are not taught in a day, and some who we call educated go through life without mastering them at all.

Rossiter Johnson, Campfire and Battlefield, 1884

Maximilian Kolbe

Today is the feast day of Maximilian Kolbe, a Franciscan friar who died at Auschwitz. The passage in today's Universalis page is particularly striking:

Maximilian Kolbe’s martyrdom is the least important thing about him. We are none of us likely to find ourselves in a position to emulate his sacrifice, and speculation as to the heroic way in which we would have behaved in his place is a pernicious waste of time. What is important is that he acted the way he did because of who he was – or, rather, because of who he had become. It is because of who he had become that we revere him as a saint: he would have been a saint (though perhaps not canonized) even if he had not been martyred. And that process of becoming is something we can all emulate. We can all become people for whom doing the right thing is obvious, natural, and easy. It requires no heroism, no special gifts: just perseverance, and prayer.

True story.

Tattoo You

We just got back for our vacation at the beach. My in-laws have a small house in Delaware that our family uses during the summer. One of the things I noticed was how many people have tattoos now. When I was a kid, you would only see a few men with them. Now many women have them as well, some of which are very elaborate.
I've never really seen the appeal of them myself, but I can see how people either like just having designs on them, or else have something of significance tattooed on them to show their devotion, like religious themed tattoos or those relating to their families.
Some of them were either really obnoxious or just plain offensive. I saw a couple of "Only God can judge me" tattoos, which led me to think that with that attitude, in a few years they might need a "and the State of Delaware" added to it. Then there was the guy with the SS lighting bolt insignia and the Totenkopf tattoo, complete with skull and crossbones insignia. It seems to me that the message conveyed by one's tats should not be: "I am a complete asshole". First impressions can be tough to shake.

For Holy Week

Via Fr. Z

From St. Gregory of Nazianzus:

I am terrified by the left hand of the divine Judge, the goats, and his rebukes from his seat on the throne: they are judged and put at his left not because they stole, committed sacrilegious robberies or adulterous acts, or perpetrated some other forbidden act, but because they did not take care of Christ in those in need.


Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Idea stolen from The MCJ

I swear, I have several actual posts in mind, but life as they say, gets in the way. This may or may not have to do with son #2's suddenly newfound desire to not go to bed before 10:30 PM, and with his abilty to resist efforts to get him to go to sleep earlier with a tenacity that the Occupy people would admire. In lieu of an actual post, I thought I would have fun with the spam comments I get.

How To Make Your Blog Successful - The Reasons You Really Need One

Oh, thank God someone left me this- I've been wondering why I still bother with this thing after 11 years.

I'm impressed, I must say..

I never knew Ed Grimley read my journal.

Actually rarely do I encounter a weblog that is both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you've got hit the nail on the head.

Sadly, that's the nicest thing anyone has said to me today.

Your thought is outstanding; the problem is something that not sufficient many people are speaking intelligently about.

I KNOW! I can't tell you how many times I've said "Hey guys, this problem is something that not sufficient many people are speaking intelligently about and its important SO LISTEN!" and they're all "What," and I'm all "LISTEN!" and they're all "Your stupid," and I'm all "NO YOUR STUPID!!!" Then things usually degenerate into a Facebook comment war that leaves me with fewer friends than before, as well as confused over whose stupid we were referring to.

I'm incredibly pleased that I stumbled across this in my search for some thing relating to this.

I pride myself always addressing many things relating to this...whatever it is, as well as other topics of importance.

If you haven't purchased shoes in the recent past it would be a good idea to measure your feet before buying basketball shoes.

Which is why I'm glad I don't play basketball. Who needs the hassle of having my feet measured? I prefer to keep my footwear purchases light and spontaneous.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get to Western Union before it closes; My aunt in Nigeria just died, and I have have to send her lawyer $3000 so he can transfer me her life savings. Which she generously left to me, her favorite nephew.

We all have our cross to bear

Ongoing exchange with Ben the last few days:

Ben: Mommy/Daddy!
M/D: Yes Ben?
Ben: I got a big problem!
M/D: What's wrong?
Ben: Ummm...I don't know.

He seems to be a bit young for having existential crises.

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